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Sparkling Clean offers paver, concrete, brick and hardscape cleaning, sealing and repair services for those who want to keep their patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways or other hardscape areas pristine and welcoming. We work with both residential & commercial job is too big or too small for us!  We can restore your pavers to like new condition.  Products like travertine, stamped concrete, natural stone and other hardscape surfaces require specialized knowledge and expertise to properly clean and seal.  Let us help you restore and protect your investment.  Patios, walkways, entrances, streetscapes, pool decks, driveways, retaining name it, we'll keep it looking great for years and years to come.

Why Seal Pavers?

While some manufacturers claim that their pavers don’t require cleaning to maintain their appearance, the fact of the matter is that all pavers require some cleaning and maintenance to restore their original luster due to the effects of harsh weather and aging. In the same way you might polish your floors or wax your car, patio pavers require a sealing process that will restore the original look of your pavers and protect them from staining in the future.

Our Paver Sealing Process

  • First, the entire paver surface is inspected for weeds, stains, settling, shifting, etc. After the initial inspection, any necessary stain removers will be used. All efflorescence (a white haze that may appear on the surface of pavers, similar to the look of salt staining) will be properly removed as well.

  • For structural issues, the affected area of pavers will be removed. The base stone is then re-stabilized, and the pavers are re-installed and secured in place where necessary.

  • Following all repairs, the pavers are pretreated to help enhance colors and remove organic staining; then pavers are power washed.

  • Next, PolySweep polymeric sand is swept into the joints, followed by passing a vibratory roller over the entire installation to ensure the joints are fully packed with sand. Next any remaining sand is swept away leaving an 1/8 inch reveal between the top of the paver or chamfer line and the top of the sand. Any excess sand and dust are then blown off the surface and the sand is activated with water.

  • Next, we apply the sealer of your choice.

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